PLACE - Official Trailer

Trailer for the upcoming surreal horror/comedy PLACE.


Writer, Director, Editor

Somewhere in Highland Park - Episode 1

Writer, Director


Writer, Director

Somewhere in Highland Park - Episode 2

Writer, Director

Somewhere in Highland Park - Episode 3

Writer, Director

NATASHA Episode 1 - Pilot

Writer, Director, Editor

Channel 101 series about a woman who just wants to end it all...

Harlan & Doris

Do you lie to the one you love, or for them?

Café Petròl

Somethings wrong with this cafe.

NATASHA Episode 2 - The Village Therapist

Writer, Director, Editor

Natasha seeks help from the Village Therapist.

NATASHA Episode 3 - The Customer Service

Writer, Director, Editor

Natasha gets a job in customer service.

NATASHA Episode 4 - The Former Suitors

Writer, Director, Editor

Natasha recalls the fates of her former suitors. Gustav reveals something about Natasha that will change everything...

NATASHA Episode 5 - A Finale

Writer, Director, Editor

Natasha searches the village, and her past, for the ultimate answer.

Skylar Gudasz - I'll Be Your Man

Music Video for Skylar Gudasz's "I'll Be Your Man"

Official Selection - 2017 Los Angeles CineFest

Meanwhile, in the Garden

Writer, Director, Editor

Pilot for a very sketchy series.

No Boundaries: The International Art Colony (Trailer)

Writer, Director, Editor

Every year, a group of artists from all corners of the world comes to Bald Head Island to paint, sculpt, and inspire.

Skillshare Class Trailer - Building 3D Isometric Environments

Director, Editor

Introductory Video for a Skillshare Class taught by Animator Michelle Kwon.